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Need to convert files fast?

There’s now a solution that lets you pay only for the file types you need to convert.

Generic File Converter converts hundreds of types, including the following

Audio file types: avi, aac, flac, gsm, mov, mp2, mp3, ogg, pcm, wav

Video file types: flv, mpeg-1, mpeg-2, mpeg-4, QuickTime, RealVideo, wmv

Image file types: bmp, jpeg/jpg, png, tiff

A two-year license to convert ALL file types on Generic File Converter costs $35. But a license to convert just one combination of file types costs just $8 for two years.

For example, if you only need to convert wma files to wav, instead of buying a full license key for $35, buy a “wma-to-wav” key for just $8.

You can purchase multiple keys for multiple combinations.

Generic File Converter converts a HUGE range of file types.

Try Generic File Converter for free now! Without a license, it will convert only the first 30 seconds of each file.

Get it here: